Our Puchong Campus
Situated in the modern township of 16 Sierra Puchong, Rafflesia International and Primary Private schools are combined into a campus that stands tall as an educational establishment. A safe and conducive environment is vital to an integral part of learning, which is why we are committed to maintaining a highly secured development, besides managing the aspects of a holistic approach to inside and beyond a classroom.

In a well-known and matured location boasts easy accessibility to prime areas and landmarks
all around within a driving distance of:
- 26km from KLCC and KLIA
- 19km from Petaling Jaya, Subang and Sunway
- 7km from Cyberjaya

Just as our philosophy goes, Rafflesia Primary School aims to prepare children with a head start in their school life and nurture them in a holistic manner. All our teachers will ensure the concentration of academic; sports and co-curricular activities are balanced within and beyond classrooms. Our local syllabus is engaged with a global approach, every student is bound to soar in their own ways and exceptionality for greater challenges and achievements ahead.

As our country’s educational curriculum progresses for better time ahead, so does our school’s vision for greater learning. The Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah (KBSR), which was introduced in 1983, will be fully phased out by The Standard Curriculum for Primary Schools, otherwise known as Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) by 2016. As KSSR is still in the midst of implementation, click here for a table on how the new curriculum will take place.

KSSR Tahap 1 (Standard 1 - 3)
Modul Teras Asas Modul Teras Tema Modul Elektif
Bahasa Melayu
Dunia Sains
dan Teknologi
Bahasa Cina SK
Bahasa Inggeris
Dunia Seni Visual
Dunia Muzik
Pendidikan Jasmani
Pendidikan Kesihatan
Pendidikan Islam
Pendidikan Moral
KSSR Tahap II (Standard 4 - 6)
Mata Pelajaran Teras Mata Pelajaran Elektif
Tunjang Komunikasi  
Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris  
Tunjang Komunikasi Elektif  
Bahasa Cina SK    
Tunjang Sains & Teknologi  
Matematik Sains Reka Bentuk & Teknologi / Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi
Tunjang Perkembangan Fizikal & Estetika
Pendidikan Jasmani Pendidikan Kesihatan Pendidikan Muzik
Pendidikan Seni Visual    
Tunjang Kerohanian, Sikap & Nilai
Pendidikan Islam Pendidikan Moral  
Tunjang Kemanusiaan
For more information on the KSSR subjects, click here

Our co-curricular activities are specifically tailored to suit our international and private schools while a range of different fields promises an overall development. The students’ participation in these activities ensure a well-rounded daily school life and discovery of their potential talents. While interacting, students will learn to build teamwork, physique, social and leadership skills as well as instilling discipline and responsibility within themselves.


Our students are encouraged to develop their skills through interaction with the latest technologies and exposure to the digital world. Students will learn basic programming and advanced computer literacy skills as well as engage in projects to utilise in a real-world setting.   
Our students will be exposed to international cultures through foreign languages and enriched through their experiences in foreign cultures, literature and history. We also aim to foster international relationships to supplement the learning of foreign languages to give our students a greater appreciation of global diversity.
Speech, Drama & Music
Participation in these activities will give our students a greater understanding and appreciation of the performing arts while allowing them to express themselves through creative means. The experience will also help develop varied artistic talents among students and encourage successes beyond academic fields.   
Debating & Public speaking
We aim to build self-confidence in our students so they can better express themselves and foster an environment for healthy public discourses on current issues. Students will be encouraged to develop opinions and challenge themselves and their peers through healthy interaction with respect and understanding of different points of view.
Outdoor Expeditions
Through healthy activities such as hiking, jungle trekking and camping, we hope to develop independence, teamwork and leadership skills among our students while also learn camaraderie. Students will also learn to appreciate and understand nature beyond the limitation of classroom learning.   
We expect our students to participate in a variety of sports and develop healthy habits that are instrumental for a well-rounded individual. It would also provide an environment to nurture sports talent and build relationships with other schools through healthy competition.   
Environmental and Ecological Activities
For those with interest in fauna and flora, this would be a great avenue as it brings them greater awareness of environmental and ecological issues. There would also be opportunities to have hands-on experience in activities such as gardening and engaging in conservation activities to develop respect for the planet.  
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