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Situated in Kajang 2, our campus combines Rafflesia International and Secondary Private schools into a distinct symbol of an educational establishment. A safe and conducive environment is vital to an integral part of learning, which is why our top focal point is dedicated to maintaining a highly secured development, besides managing the aspects of a holistic approach to inside and beyond a classroom.

- 35km from Petaling Jaya, Subang and Sunway
- 30km from Cyberjaya
- 25km from KLCC
Principal’s Message

Greetings from the fraternity of Rafflesia School (Kajang). I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to all the wonderful parents the development of a learning institution based in the new township of Kajang 2. As you may be aware, Kajang 2 is a rapidly growing new town in the Greater region of KL. It is evident that future developments are focusing towards Kajang which will bring about convenience to its future residents. In view of this, the Developer of Kajang 2 and Rafflesia Education Group will work together to plan and develop Kajang 2 into an educational hub.
I would like to invite all parents to come forward and register your children for Form 1,2,3 and 4 in the year of 2014. This future campus is ICT-based and completely equipped with WiFi, apart from having modern fully-air conditioned classrooms and sports facilities. It is a critical  introduction towards a meaningful and purposeful learning. Students learn and do research anywhere they feel is comfortable as they can access to journals and project papers with just away.

The modern campus will be built on a 5-acre area which is an ideal place as this is an intergral part of Kajang 2's new township. Therefore, all basic facilities will be available within the vicinity for the convenience of all. As far as the teaching force is concerned, we only hire experienced and qualified teachers. This is to ascertain that each and every child who walks in will be exposed to a teaching and learning experiences that enables them to achieve their fullest potentials. We, the administrators, will ensure that the most conducive environment for learning always prevails in the campus. Rest assured that your children will be in good hands once they walk in this institution. In fact, they will be guided and exposed through the methodology designed for them to face the challenges of the 21st century.

To understand my message in great depth, I humbly urge all parents to take a tour of the campus and be part of this wonderful and beautiful vision of the future. Our children are our future investment and this vision of ours is to set a platform which is paramount to the success of our future generations. We want not only to educate students to be academically successful but also well-rounded individuals who are able to think creatively and critically in line with the development and aspiration of our beloved nation.

With regards,
Rafflesia Private School, Kajang.

Just as our philosophy goes, Rafflesia Secondary School aims to prepare students with a head start in learning and nurture them in a holistic manner. All our teachers will ensure the concentration of academic; sports and co-curricular activities are balanced within and beyond classrooms. Our local syllabus is engaged with global approach, every student is bound to soar in their own ways and exceptionality for greater challenges and achievements ahead.

As our country’s educational curriculum progresses for better time ahead, so does our school’s vision for greater learning. The Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah (KBSM) programme under our school philosophy sets a clear notion towards a holistic education for all students. This approach perfectly compliments our focus at SMR, nurturing growth throughout Form 1 to Form 5.
KBSM Core subjects

All students to sit for PMR in Form 3
Bahasa Melayu Bahasa Inggeris Mathematics* Science*        
Pendidikan Islam Pendidikan Moral Sejarah Sivik &
Compulsory subjects        
Geografi Pendidikan Jasmani & Kesihatan Pendidikan Seni Visual Kemahiran Hidup        
Additional subjects        
Bahasa Cina Information and Communication Technology*            
Note: The above subjects may subjected to changes.
KBSM Core subjects

All students to sit for SPM in Form 5
Bahasa Melayu Bahasa
Pengajian Islam Pendidikan Moral        
Sejarah Modern Mathematics* Science*          

Science stream        
Chemistry* Physics* Biology*

Additional Mathematics*


Vocational and technology stream      
Information and Communication Technology* Ekonomi Asas Prinsip Perakaunan          

Additional Subject:        
Bahasa Cina              
Note: The above subjects may be subjected to changes.
*Medium of instruction will be in English according to:
Circular SPI: KP(BPSH-SPDK)201/005/01 Jld.4(15) dated 4th November 2011.
For more information on the KBSM subjects, click here

Our co-curricular activities are specifically tailored to suit our international and private schools while a range of different fields promises an overall development. The students’ participation in these activities ensure a well-rounded daily school life and discovery of their potential talents. While interacting, students will learn to build teamwork, physique, social and leadership skills as well as instilling discipline and responsibility within themselves.


Our students are encouraged to develop their skills through interaction with the latest technologies and exposure to the digital world. Students will learn basic programming and advanced computer literacy skills as well as engage in projects to utilise in a real-world setting.   
Our students will be exposed to international cultures through foreign languages and enriched through their experiences in foreign cultures, literature and history. We also aim to foster international relationships to supplement the learning of foreign languages to give our students a greater appreciation of global diversity.
Speech, Drama & Music
Participation in these activities will give our students a greater understanding and appreciation of the performing arts while allowing them to express themselves through creative means. The experience will also help develop varied artistic talents among students and encourage successes beyond academic fields.   
Debating & Public speaking
We aim to build self-confidence in our students so they can better express themselves and foster an environment for healthy public discourses on current issues. Students will be encouraged to develop opinions and challenge themselves and their peers through healthy interaction with respect and understanding of different points of view.
Outdoor Expeditions
Through healthy activities such as hiking, jungle trekking and camping, we hope to develop independence, teamwork and leadership skills among our students while also learn camaraderie. Students will also learn to appreciate and understand nature beyond the limitation of classroom learning.   
We expect our students to participate in a variety of sports and develop healthy habits that are instrumental for a well-rounded individual. It would also provide an environment to nurture sports talent and build relationships with other schools through healthy competition.   
Environmental and Ecological Activities
For those with interest in fauna and flora, this would be a great avenue as it brings them greater awareness of environmental and ecological issues. There would also be opportunities to have hands-on experience in activities such as gardening and engaging in conservation activities to develop respect for the planet.  
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