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International School Puchong

Providing a holistic learning approach under the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and National Curriculum of England (NCE) integrated with ICT.

International School Kajang
Providing a holistic learning approach under the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and National Curriculum of England (NCE) integrated with ICT, our Kajang International School commences in September 2014.
About Rafflesia’s International School

Our unique international school curriculum is based on the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and National Curriculum of England (NCE). We offer students a rigorous and holistic education based on international standards and provide a caring and nurturing environment in which our students can grow into diligent, lifelong leaners and achievers.

Students are assessed through a variety of methods reflecting international standards and practices, notably Cambridge Checkpoint. Our Year 10 and 11 students are prepared for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations with the ultimate goal of preparing them for matriculation or pre-university studies. We strive to build the right character and attitude for learning as well as developing the students’ potential and talent to the fullest.

The medium of instruction at all grade levels is English. All applicants to Year 3 and above for whom English is not the primary language at home will be assessed to determine placement in the RIS English as a Second Language (ESL) programme. English language support will continue until such time as deemed necessary to achieve full integration into the mainstream Language Programme.

Holistic Education
Our philosophy of providing a holistic education puts students on a learning path that not only emphasises academic excellence, but also fundamental values that foster respect, compassion and integrity. We aspire to cultivate the mindset of our students as well-rounded individuals embodied through Rafflesia’s five core values: Respect, Academic, Innovation, Success and Embrace. With this, we hope to develop bright young individuals who will be the thinkers, leaders and achievers of tomorrow.
Our Unique Offerings
Our Campuses
Set on an impressive 5-acre land surrounded by a green landscape, our ICT-integrated campuses in Puchong and Kajang are designed to facilitate the educational process in every way. Amenities and facilities are provided to encourage and support the holistic development of our students beyond the classroom.

Both campuses are fully covered with WiFi hotspots with a service centre to support the ICT aspects of our programmes. Workshops, laboratories and bookshops complement teaching and learning experience while there are also medical services and pastoral care to ensure the wholesome development of our students.

Below is a list of sports amenities and facilities available:
Indoor Sports Puchong Kajang

Badminton Court
Basketball Court
Squash Court
Volleyball Court
Outdoor Sports Puchong Kajang

Swimming Pool
Football Field
Tennis Court
• Medical Facility   • Fully air-conditioned classrooms • Music Rooms
• IT Support Centre • Cafeteria • Lecture Hall
• Bookshop • Workshops / Laboratories • Amphitheatre
• WiFi hotspots all around    
campus Features
Campus Facilities
  For a deeper look into our schools' facilities, click here.
ICT Infrastructure
  Equipped with the latest ICT (Information Communications and Technology) infrastructure, our campuses incorporate smart school features to enhance the productivity and learning process of our students.
Our schools implement and utilise the latest technological advancements to enrich the classroom experience. Students are able to download, share and collaborate through our campus servers using iPads. With multimedia facilities such as Apple TVs and large screen HDTVs, the mechanism and delivery of lessons are optimised.
iPad – A better experience
Our one-to-one iPad programme underscores our beliefs that our students’ education should be kept in pace with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Our students will be equipped with computer-literate skills to help them in their future development.
Online tracking of progress and attendance
To encourage parental involvement, we aim to implement an exclusive online portal for parents to monitor their child’s progress and provide a direct link for teachers and parents to communicate in the best interest of our students.
A genuine ICT integration that links the schools, parents and teachers all together
At Rafflesia, we look to the partnership between parents and teachers to ensure the effective learning and development of a child. We strive to directly engage and involve parents in our activities and events through SMS, video conferencing or online forums.
Safety & Security Features
  Our students’ security is of paramount importance to us and we have created a safe and conducive environment for our students to learn, work and play. Our campuses are equipped with the following security features:
•    Guardhouses and security rooms with well-trained security personnel on alert at all times
•    State-of-the-art CCTV and surveillance systems
•    Fire escapes, alarms and fire-fighting equipment
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